Some missionary friends of ours were visiting the States this summer from Sweden. When they were up in our neck of the woods we decided the best place to meet was across the sound in Kingston. We had the time and place all planned out so that we would be meeting close to 12:30 for lunch. Then everything started going wrong. Bryan and I (my fault) ended up being 2 minutes late for our ferry so we ended up waiting an extra hour to get on the next ferry. Then, when we go to Kingston we found out that Jesse and Krista were at the wrong ferry terminal. So, we just waited and when they arrived at the correct terminal Jesse almost got on the ferry that would have taken them to where we just came from. Fortunately, with some quick thinking and maneuvering he managed to find a parking spot and by 2:00 we had sat down for lunch. Over lunch we were able to catch up hear about their work in Sweden.
After lunch we walked around the area and before saying our goodbyes we were able to catch a quick photo.