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Swimmin’ with the Fish

On Friday, my sister, her family, her in-laws, and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We had a spectacular a time!  At one of the touch pools an aquarium employee told us how a decorated crab cuts plants with his claws, then throw them on his back where they proceed to grow onto his shell and the crab becomes covered in plants. The crab obviously does this to hide from predators and I can tell you that it works because we were looking right at one and didn’t even see it until it was pointed it out. The crab was very hard to spot when surrounded by seaweed and other ocean creatures. My favorite exhibit was the seahorse house, followed closely by the otter exhibit.

fish1 fish2 fish3 fish4 fish5 fish6 fish7 fish8 fish9 fish10

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  1. mom

    I want to go their with Dad. It does look better than the one in Waldport.

    Thanks for the laughs about the car trip home.

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