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Sibling Fun

While I was in California I hung out with my brother a couple of days. First we went miniature golfing. We had lots of fun until I added up the scores and I found out he beat me by 2 strokes. Some of the holes were crazy difficult so I was pleased at how well I did overall. After we were done we met up with our dad and had a fun lunch together.

Another day we went bowling with one of my brother’s friends. I have no idea where I picked it up but when I bowl I do this strange lunge move before I throw the ball down the lane. Well, last time I went bowling it helped me tremendously because I beat everyone and that hardly ever happens. This time the move failed me because I barely broke 100 on the first game, and I got 90 something the second game.  We all did pretty horribly, but had tons of fun.

My brother’s friend owns a doughnut shop . . . when I found this out and heard that the doughnuts are actually good I had to try one. I had been telling him to take me in to the shop since the day I arrived but we never found the time to go in. So, on Saturday morning I woke up to a box of doughnuts. My brother stayed up until 4:00 AM making me doughnuts at his friend’s shop. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the box and saw 12 different delicious looking doughnuts. I had two right then and they were super delicious. Yes I did say I ate two, and yes I did have a huge tummy ache a little while later, but I felt so pleased that my brother made the doughnuts just for me! Thank Bruce for the doughnuts; I won’t ever forget your kindness, or my tummy ache. Next time I will only eat one.

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  1. Aunt Leslie

    If that isn’t brotherly love I don’t know what is !!!!

    Bet the tummy ache was well worth it………..

    Bruce done good………….

  2. mom

    What did you say or do to make Bruce laugh like that!!!!!

    You must of been having a great time!!!!!

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