Last weekend, a friend of mine from college, Tawni,  flew up to visit. Since Bryan and I haven’t been living in Washington for that long I thought it was a good opportunity to go explore all that this beautiful state has to offer. On Friday we decided to hike around the Mt. Baker area. The weather was beautiful all day until we got to the trial head. We hiked about half of the hike when we decided to turn around because I was freezing. As luck would have it, it stopped raining a bit after we turned around. However, we did manage to capture some beautiful pictures on the way back.

On Saturday we rode our bikes to Lake Cassidy. The Lake was so nice and peaceful that I think we ended up staying at the lake longer than it took us to get there. Then, on Saturday night I taught Tawni how to roll some sushi. Turns out she can produce a pretty awesome roll of sushi!

On Sunday Bryan joined our adventures and we explored Whidbey Island. First, we hiked around beautiful deception pass. The views from the trail were amazing.  You could see miles across the sound, even as far as the San Juan Islands. Then we headed to the small town of Lanagly and enjoyed some ice cream. I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place.
*Most pictures taken by Tawni. Thanks T!

mt-baker-lake.jpg  mt-baker.jpg  lake-cassidy.jpg  tawnichristy.jpg  

deception-pass.jpg  deception-pass-3.jpg