Bryan and I visited my parents in Oregon for the 4th of July. That is when our great clamming adventure started. My dad had a great idea to take the park ranger’s class on clamming, and against my better judgement I decided to go with him to learn the wonderful art of clamming.

So, the next morning Bryan, my dad, Michelle, (Bryan’s sister) and I decided to try and dig up enough clams for everyone for dinner. We were digging for Gaper Clams, the close relative of the geoduck. Needless to say, we ended up digging for hours and only catching 4 medium sized clams. Well, Michelle and I didn’t actually do any of the digging. We jsut searched in the sand for crabs and other cool ocean life while Bryan and my dad did all the digging. Catching such a small amount was in our best interest because no one ended up eating any of the clams except my father.

Bryan and I are planning on going back with my parents for the new year so I have a feeling we will be digging once again. My dad said rain or shine, this time we are going to go crabbing. So, I’m supposed to make my famous crab cakes for everyone. I’ll let you know how that turns out.