Bryan, Christy, Ezekiel and Eden Anaya

Happy Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving Bryan and I surprised my family and went to Visalia. A few days before Thanksgiving we were in San Jose with Bryan’s family and watched Bryan’s sister present her thesis. *Congratulations on finally finishing and your amazing presentation Michelle!!! After being in San Jose we took the train to the valley. My brother-in-law brought my sister with him to the train station to pick us up and I really surprised her! I had my back turned to the car with my hood on and my sister thought I was a bum at first; but at least she was surprised. Thanks a lot Allison! We had the traditional Thanksgiving at grandma and grandpa’s house and it was delicious as usual. After lunch we played apples to apples into the wee hours of the evening. Bryan and I had lots of fun spending time with both our families and playing games.

thanksgiving1.png thanksgiving3.png thanksgiving4.png thanksgiving2.png


  1. mom

    Thanks for the wonderful surprise. Anytime you want to surprise us we will always have a bed for you.

  2. Aunt Leslie

    The picture with you & Allison & your mom cooking breakfast is one of the best of all of you that I have seen….

    You look so happy……….

    I can’t believe your mom made comments before me!!

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