Bryan, Christy, Ezekiel and Eden Anaya

Bowling “Anaya-lation”

When we were visiting my family for Thanksgiving we all went bowling. It was supposed to be a fun and friendly game until my brother-in-law showed up with his own custom bowling ball. (Unfortunately, for the rest of us he has an extensive bowling background outside of the wii.) So, I tried to lay low because I usually bowl an 80; or a 90 on my good days. I lost the first two games but progressively got better each game and I ended up schooling everyone on the last game. My highest score was 149. Yes, that was without bumpers. (That is also my highest lifetime score) No one could believe it, but I have pictures to prove it. Shelby did very well for only being 5. She took second place on the girls lane; and even beat her mom. We all had lots of fun!

img_0045_bac.jpg img_0047_bac.jpg img_0048_bac.jpg img_0051_bac.jpg

 img_0058_bac.jpg img_0062_bac.jpg img_0064_bac.jpg


  1. Anonymous

    I don’t see a picture of your “dad”….
    Was he sitting around eating bon-bons???

    Sure am proud of you for letting the boys see what REAL-bowlers can do!!!!

  2. mom

    Way to go Christy! You did a great job showing up the guys. Thanks for making memories with the family.

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