So, I don’t particularly like camping. Why go sleep on the ground when you can sleep in a bed? Bryan has never been camping and he has no desire to EVER go camping. So, Tawni made it her mission to make sure my children get at least 1 camping experience  in their lifetime!

Our first day was mostly a travel day. We packed up the car then had lunch with Bryan before we drove over to Garner State Park. Once we got there we all pitched in (some more than others) and set up camp! I felt like I was in an alternate universe when Tawni made dinner! No one ever cooks for me so it was a real treat!!!  We were there as her guests and she treated us like royalty!

The next day we charted out our hiking course and chose a “moderate” hike. I decided to wear my weight vest even thought Tawni thought it looked like a bomb vest! Turns out we started on a moderate hike and ended up on a “hard” hike on our way down.

We found a few caves along the way but Tawni and the kids didn’t venture too far into the caves since most of them were inhabited by spiders!

After our hike we had lunch and cooled down in the Rio Frio! For it being over 90 the water was VERY Frio!