What is it about Yum Cha that makes you want to eat SO much while you’re there? Is it the small little dumplings that deceive you??? I’m not sure but we ate at the best yum cha place in Sydney and it was SO yummy and SO filling! Ezekiel isn’t about the yum cha life so he was perfectly happy grubbing on his plate of noodles!

After lunch we roamed the powerhouse museum. There were several floors filled with awesome exhibits! I was excited to see the information about the periodic table since we just finished studying elements before we left for Australia. They also had a huge space exhibit that was pretty neat. None of us enjoyed the zero gravity exhibit; it’s making me sick just thinking about it. However, we learned a tone of other cool information aside form the vomit inducing zero gravity exhibit. Did you know that astronauts have to workout at least 2 hours a day just to maintain the muscles in their body while they are in space? That’s wild!