On Saturday David and Isobel came for lunch and a visit! We have known them for over 10 years! They first met our children when Ezekiel was 4 and Eden was 2! 4 years is too long to go without seeing friends so we’re committed to traveling to Australia every 2 years now. Doesn’t sound like too hard of a commitment to keep right?
Anyways, We had the most fantastic lunch and the best time visiting! David is a genius and we spent quite a bit of time discussing elements, bonding and orbitals. David promised to Skype with Ezekiel when he has a question too tough for mommy . . . that may be next year with my super inquisitive son!
Isobel is always such a JOY to be around! She borough the most amazing home made ice cream! It was such a treat! She thought about the kids as well and brought them both chocolate bunnies!
Australia not only has the best coffee but their food is amazing too! I don’t know  if it’s the biodynamic farming, the lack of chemicals they use in farming or what but the quality of the food there was far beyond what we have here.