For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: Eccle. 3:1

That verse sums up our life the last few years. We’ve been through a few seasons for sure. July 2016 we packed up everything, sold our house and moved to Texas. We did it all on a leap of faith, and it has been such a blessing. Bryan left Microsoft and started working as a Front End Developer at General Motors. GM moved the family down to Texas and it was the easiest but the most stressful move to date. Ezekiel and Eden adjusted quickly to the move and are loving the weather that allows them to play outside and swim every day in the warmer months. I love Texas! The weather here is amazing and I prefer when the temperature is over 90.

Eden turned five this year and has grown into a compassionate and loving lady. We often find her putting others before herself. This year she asked for a specific toy for Christmas because she knew her brother would enjoy playing with it. Eden LOVES to workout! She has watched Bryan and I working out for so many years that she has decided to jump on board. She creates her own workouts and even has her own mini barbell to lift. Eden is also our social butterfly. She loves the new homeschool co-op we attend because she sees it as her chance to socialize and make new friends.

Ezekiel is now seven and is a rough and rugged boy who loves to be silly. He accomplishes anything he puts his mind to and he is very competitive. We usually go for a scooter ride every morning to break up the school day a bit. I have an app that tracks our distance and our speed. Ezekiel is very interested in how much we improved our time each and every time we go out. I usually run while the children ride their scooters. When we round the corner and are in the home stretch Ezekiel rockets into the lead to make sure he always reaches the house first.

Earlier this year, Bryan was recruited by and now works as a senior design technologist there. He is enjoying his role at the company and has numerous perks that help him to enjoy his job. Indeed feeds their employees and their guests for free so, the children and I love meeting Bryan at work for lunch. Bryan ran three Spartan obstacle course races. His first race was a 13 mile race in Dallas with 37 obstacles along the way. Then he ran two races while we were in California. The first race was 9 miles and had 27 obstacles. His last race was the shortest at 4 miles with 22 obstacles. He earned the prestigious award of the Spartan trifectas by completing all three races in a calendar year.

I am still a stay at home mom. I homeschool both children while working on my book business. This year I was promoted to Team Leader and I really enjoy the challenge. I am passionate about raising literacy awareness and helping American families bring quality literature into their homes. Ezekiel and I attend Bible Study Fellowship together every Tuesday night. This year we are studying the book of Romans and I love it because Ezekiel studies the same exact material I study but at his own level.

As we go into this new year I’m working on looking forward instead of back. Bryan and I are sure that Texas is exactly where we are supposed to be. We might miss family and friends but we are looking forward to this new season of our lives! We are thankful for every opportunity that He has given us and all the blessings He has bestowed upon us. We know that God has big plans for the Anaya family and we are all super excited to be living for HIM!