Bryan, Christy, Ezekiel and Eden Anaya

Happy 4th of July!

It has become a tradition to spend the 4th of July in Waldport and we love it! The town has their huge fireworks display on the 3rd and then we do our own fireworks on the 4th. It works out perfectly except for Ezekiel staying up until past 10 PM 2 nights in a row.

This year was extra special because the whole Weaver family was able to come for a whole week and spend time with us. We always have lots of fun when we are together and I think I made the most cowboy cookies EVER that week!

I'm beginning to wonder how many people actually read what I write on here. I could just say that Ezekiel and Eden took a magic carpet ride to the moon and maybe, just maybe, one person besides Bryan and I would read it. Lets see. Please leave a comment, any comment, if you have read all the way to the end.



  1. annette

    you and my cousin have a cute little family.  maybe someday i will have my own. take care..  🙂

  2. Patricia

    I read it 🙂

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