Bryan, Christy, Ezekiel and Eden Anaya

My 2 Favorite Guys

I recently captured some very cute pictures of Bryan & Ezekiel.

One day Bryan was trying to get work done so Ezekiel and I were playing in a different room. All of a sudden Ezekiel bolted out of the room and went into where Bryan was working. I guess he wanted to spend some time with daddy. It was too cute!

The last picture was when Bryan and Ezekiel were playing. I guess they just wanted to relax for a bit.


  1. aunt leslie

    You are absolutely right…….

    the pictures are priceless and it’s obvious Ezekiel loves his daddy……what a happy boy…….

  2. Mom

    Your men look like they are having a great time together. How soon will Ezekiel get his own computer?

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