Bryan, Christy, Ezekiel and Eden Anaya

San Juan Island

Bryan and I decided to get away for a day so we went to San Juan Island. We took the hour long ferry ride to the island on Friday night and spent the night in Friday Harbor. Then, on Saturday we drove around the whole island stopping at the parks and beaches to take pictures. We took some pictures near the light house at Deadman Bay, but the visit was very short, the temperature was in the low 40’s and the wind made it even colder. From the bay you could look across the water to Victoria on Vancouver Island. On the south East side of the island we stumbled upon the American Camp National Historical Park. The park had a long trail dotted with informational plaques. Bryan and I walked along the trail and read about how a war almost started between the Americans and the British because an American settler killed a pig belonging to a British company. It was a very interesting story indeed; however, I was much more interested in beautiful scenery.

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  1. Mathia Family

    Hey, this is where we went on our honeymoon! Isn’t it nice there, course we went in August so it was warm(ish) and sunny. Next time you go, get a massage at the Lavender Spa… Aaaaaaa, so nice. 😉

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