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Amazing Chichen Itza

Last Friday we visited the AMAZING Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. We had a guided tour which took us 2.5 hours from Cancun to Chichen Itza. On the way there we got a good glimpse of how most of Mexico lives when we passed through the small villages. When we got there we ate an authentic Mexican meal at the Mayaland Hotel and watched some talented dancers. A lady was making corn tortillas from scratch. The men and women first danced with bottles of water on their head. Then they came out with trays that were filled with cups of water. When they danced they would spin around and the good dancers were able to keep the trays spinning on their heads after they stopped twirling. 

After lunch we took a guided tour of Chichen Itza. Words can’t even describe how intelligent and advanced the Mayan people were. The people built the Temple of the Kukulcan (Meaning Feathered Serpent), with such knowledge of the seasons and they based it off the Mayan calendar. Every step, design, and platform on the temple represented something significant in the Mayan world. The Temple had 4 sides to it, which included 91 steps for the 91 days of each season, the last platform on the top was the extra day of the year. It was named after the Feathered Serpent because when the sun sets they built the temple so that you can see a serpent sliding down the side of the temple in the shadow. They also made the temple perfectly acoustic. If you clapped at the base of the south side of the temple your echo would be the noise of a bird. That was so amazing to hear. There were many other structures at the Chichen Itza site. They were all so intricate and detailed. The whole experience was so mind boggling and now we know why Chichen Itza was recently deemed one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

chichen91.jpg chichen1.jpg chichen2.jpg chichen3.jpg 

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  1. Krista

    Wow, that sounds so interesting. That is such a trip we would love to be on! I love the pictures and stories, what a cool experience!

  2. Zeph

    breathtaking place. Thanks for taking the time to share it.

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