Bryan, Christy, Ezekiel and Eden Anaya

Beachtime Family Fun!

Having Ezekiel meet his great grandparents was such a joy! We met with my parents, grandparents, and great uncle for a few days of fun at the beach. Ezekiel is so great with new people; he warmed up to everyone right away and gave big smiles to everyone. Bryan’s parents also came to the beach for the day, and grandma had fun with Ezekiel while grandpa had fun crabbing with the men.

The men also had fun catching (or trying to catch) crab. They successfully caught one large keeper and had fun cooking and eating it. Zephyr made sure that the crab was killed humanely by putting it into a deep sleep in the freezer. My grandmother got quite a laugh when I opened the freezer and screamed because there was a crab staring me in the face.

We can’t wait for Ezekiel to meet the rest of the family!


  1. MOM

    What happy memories we had with the men getting the crab. I will never forget you jumping when Grandma told you the crab was in the freezer being put to sleep. At least we know the crab cooker works!!

  2. aunt leslie

    these pictures are priceless……..

    sorry we couldn’t be there to add to the memory making……

    truely touched my heart………

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