Bryan, Christy, Ezekiel and Eden Anaya

Sleep . . . what is sleep?

Yesterday, while Ezekiel was supposed to be napping I found him playing. When he saw that I noticed him playing he gave me the cutest little smile . . . I think he was trying to charm his way out of trouble. Well, since he obviously wasn’t going to go back to sleep and I’m a sucker for his smiles I decided to let him stay up and play. He was smiling a lot so I got out the camera. Sure enough, as soon as  he saw the camera he stopped smiling and would only give me silly looks. I got a couple silly pictures and posted them below.


  1. Cousin Heather

    The ole “fake naptime trick”……my boys have learned that one too. He knows that his smile melts his mommy’s heart!!! You are both great parents!! You are doing a great job!

  2. Patricia

    what´s with that hair??? *hehehe* he´s soooo cute and so big already… wow! so happy for you. thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. aunt leslie

    I told you to watch out for him……..

    think he’s stolen your heart and now he’s going after Aunt Leslie’s……..

    my question is this???

    Are u done with your picture pages yet????

  4. MOM

    Thanks for the great pictures you are sharing. Ezekiel is definately not camera shy!
    Hugs, MOM

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