Bryan, Christy, Ezekiel and Eden Anaya

Month: September 2012

Waldport Crabbing

On the way home from our big Eureka adventure we met up with my parents and aunt and uncle in Waldport! I'm not sure how I managed to have only a few pictures from the time we were there. Here are the ones I have of Bryan and Ezekiel crabbing. All the men went out and they caught so many crabs that they had fresh crab one night then I made a ton of crab cakes the next day!

crabbing fun! crab2

More Pictures From Eureka!

We had so much fun and did so many things while we were in Eureka! Unfortunately the most hilarious trip (to Hazel's) wasn't documented with photos. However, we will forever remember that crazy trip! Here are some of the precious moments we were able to capture! 🙂

FC16 FC18 FC19 FC20

Fantastic Fern Canyon!

Fern Canyon is one of my favorite places to visit in northern California! We had perfect weather the day we took a walk through Fern Canyon. At the end of the trail I was being . . . typical me and Ezekiel took my lead and started picking leaves off the trail and eating them! I'm so glad that he takes after Bryan; there is still hope for him.

FC4 FC5 FC3 FC2 FC6 FC7 FC8 FC9 FC10 FC11 FC12 FC13 FC14 FC15 FC1

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