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Month: December 2011

Christmas In Visalia

For Christmas this year we flew down to Visalia to spend some time with the whole family. We had lots of fun playing games and making memories. One day everyone went bowling, even Ezekiel threw a couple of balls down the lane. Some frames he even did better than I did, but I'm blaming it on my center of gravity being a bit off.

Something I always look forward to when I go to Visalia is playing miniature golf with my brother. Last time I was there I won, this time he won. Next time I'll be bringing my "A" game for the tie breaker!

Another added bonus of being in California was the amazing weather. One afternoon Ezekiel and I enjoyed spending time in the garden. He loved just moving the dirt from one place to another and examining all the vegetables in the garden.

Ezekiel had tons of fun with all his cousins. He loved playing with Shelby on her laptop and playing with Mariah on her phone. I'm so glad he doesn't love technology as much as his dad. We had fun at Christmas seeing the whole family! It was nice to have everyone sit together and share an amazing meal!



Just Like Daddy!

Recently Ezekiel has wanted to do everything Bryan does. If Bryan puts a hat on, so does Ezekiel. If Bryan goes upstairs, so does Ezekiel. If Bryan dips his chip in salsa, so does Ezekiel. One day he found Bryan's shoes and decided he wanted to be just like daddy and wear his shoes! I do hope that Ezekiel grows up to be "just like daddy"! We need more good men in the world!

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