Bryan, Christy, Ezekiel and Eden Anaya

Month: November 2011

Thanksgiving Feast

Ezekiel always loves helping in the kitchen. So, when it came time to make Thanksgiving dinner Ezekiel was right there to help. He ended up being Aunt Michelle's sous chef for the evening and the dinner turned out magnificent!

You Pulled Garden Duty

Ezekiel has always been willing to lend a helping hand when he sees someone in need. So, when he saw that grandma had tons of leaves to rake he put on his work boots and hat and got down to business. I'm not sure how many leaves actually were put into the trash can because of Ezekiel but he looked darn cute at whatever he was doing.

Coooking With Tawni!

In the beginning of November Tawni came for a visit. We always have lots of fun and spend lots of time cooking. For some reason I only have pictures from the night we made an Indian feast for dinner.

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