Bryan, Christy, Ezekiel and Eden Anaya

Month: October 2011

October Fun!

In October, my parents visited and we were fortunate enough to be able to celebrate my dad's birthday with him. The time was short but we will take any time together that we can get.

A friend had given us a giraffe dress-up outfit and it happened to still fit Ezekiel when it was Halloween! He loved dressing up and having fun!

Our Little Helper

Ezekiel has recently shown a lot of interest in helping Bryan and I. If I'm in the kitchen cooking he will stand on a chair next to me and help me add spices to the food or he will help me stir the cake batter. He really loves sweeping the floor; in fact he will randomly take the broom out of the pantry and start sweeping the kitchen without even being asked. If he is with Bryan he likes to sit in his lap and help him work on the computer. He also loves helping Bryan juice anything and everything. The pictures I have are of the two making carrot juice. Surprisingly, Ezekiel loves carrot juice probably more than any other juice. I'm starting to think that all this extra help will really come in handy when the baby comes!

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