Bryan, Christy, Ezekiel and Eden Anaya

Month: May 2011

Memorial Day!

What is a memorial day without a BBQ? I’m not sure because we had some friends over for just that. They also have an adorable boy that is a little younger than Ezekiel and it’s amazing to see what the two boys bond over. A cell phone!?

Happy Anniversary!

I cannot believe that Bryan and I have been married 7 years! I guess time flies when you are in love! We spent the day hanging out at home and spending time together as a family. It was such a special day!

Vegetable Lover!

Ezekiel is by far the best eater I have seen. He eats almost all the vegetables we feed him; as long as I make them. We recently introduced him to asparagus and he loved it. I cut up a bunch and put it on his tray for him to eat and he proceeded to stick about 5 pieces in his mouth all at once. I guess it’s better than him not eating it.

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