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Snowflakes Keep Fallin’ On My Head

We have been having a lot of snow lately. So, we bundled Ezekiel up and took him out to see the snow. Right before we came inside we took off Ezekiel’s gloves and let him play with the snow. He really liked it. We can’t wait to go sledding with him next year!

My Little Bookworm!

Ezekiel and I have been reading together a lot lately. He loves looking at the little cardboard Dr. Suess books we got him. He also loves the fact that he can handle the books and turn the pages himself. He has also become interested in my bookshelf and all my cookbooks.  He will take any book, he doesn’t discriminate.

Kisses for Everyone!

Ezekiel has been handing out kisses left and right. He must have been preparing for valentines day! His kisses resemble an open mouth full of slobber, but they are sweet kisses from our little guy nonetheless.

A Visit From Grandma!

Grandma came to visit me for the past week and we had a TON of fun!!! We played a lot; she also sang to me and read to me. I had so much fun with her and I was sad to see her leave. Thanks for coming to visit grandma!

Nap Time?

Today I put Ezekiel down for his nap and when I checked the baby monitor to see if he was asleep I found him standing in the corner of his crib. He’s growing SO fast! Bryan has already lowered the mattress in his crib.

Shear Cuteness!

Bryan and I decided to cut Ezekiel’s hair on Sunday evening before his bath. His hair was getting WAY too long and it was starting to get in his eyes. So, I started the haircut and Bryan finished it. I think we did a pretty good job . . . but where has my baby gone? He now looks like a little boy. The after picture looks like Ezekiel gave himself the haircut, but after we got him out of the bath it looked pretty good!

I’m Waiting!

Ezekiel has changed SO much in the last few weeks. Last week, after his nap, he started pulling the bumper down and peeking between his crib slats to see when I came in his room to get him. I finally captured a picture of him doing this and I had to share it because it was just so precious!

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