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Month: October 2010

More to Come!

Ezekiel has recently started to roll over. Bryan caught it on video so he will post it when he has a spare moment. In the mean time I posted a cute picture of Ezekiel during tummy time.

The Hat

Bryan’s sister recently sent Bryan a beanie for his birthday. I can’t remember why but we put it on Ezekiel. He looked so silly that We just had to take a picture. Thanks for the Beanie Michelle!


It has been very cold here lately. When I took Ezekiel to his 4 month baby wellness check appointment today it was 39 degrees outside. Ezekiel is doing well, growing steadily. He is now 12 pounds and a little over 24 inches. Below I posted a picture of him all bundled up in his car seat after we got home from the doctor.

I also bought him some leg warmers for these cold winter days. I put them on him the other day to see how he liked them and they didn’t seem to bother him at all. They may look dorky but at least they keep his legs warm.

Super Baby!

Ezekiel absolutely hates being on his stomach. When I put him on his stomach he arches his back and puts his arms out in front of him. We call this move the “super baby”.

Time With Tawni!

Tawni came to visit the Anaya family for a long weekend! Unfortunately, it rained the whole weekend so we weren’t able to go on any hikes. However, we still had fun hanging out and playing games. Ezekiel had so much fun with Tawni that he fell asleep way before nap time.

Tawni and Shorty Culinary Creations!

While Tawni was visiting we had several good meals and sweet treats. We started by making our triple layer brownies. We have made these before together and they were so good the first time that we just had to make them again! The bottom layer is a fudge brownie, followed by a white chocolate caramel layer, then a dark chocolate ganache, topped with pecans.  They were so sinfully yummy!

Then we also made homemade raviolis. They were filled with bacon, leeks and potatoes. We finished them with a butter sage sauce and some freshly shaved parmesan cheese!

We made other yummy treats, but I only took pictures of the brownies and the raviolis. We all probably gained at least 2 pounds by the time Tawni left, but I think we laughed off at least 1 pound.

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