Bryan, Christy, Ezekiel and Eden Anaya

Month: August 2010

Yackidy Yack!

Bryan took two videos a couple of weeks ago of Ezekiel trying to talk. While Bryan was editing the video we were all in his office and when Ezekiel heard himself talking he started talking up a storm. Wish we had the video camera ready then, it was priceless.   

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All Grown Up!

Today Ezekiel is 2 months old! I can hardly believe how big he has gotten. Ezekiel and Bryan spent some quality time together on Tuesday and I captured some priceless pictures.

Sleep . . . what is sleep?

Yesterday, while Ezekiel was supposed to be napping I found him playing. When he saw that I noticed him playing he gave me the cutest little smile . . . I think he was trying to charm his way out of trouble. Well, since he obviously wasn’t going to go back to sleep and I’m a sucker for his smiles I decided to let him stay up and play. He was smiling a lot so I got out the camera. Sure enough, as soon as  he saw the camera he stopped smiling and would only give me silly looks. I got a couple silly pictures and posted them below.

Family Time!

We recently spent some time with my parents and niece. Ezekiel loves meeting new people and warms up to them very quickly. I couldn’t believe how much he adored his cousin Mariah. He loved playing with her and was always smiling at her. He also loved spending time with his grandpa and grandma.

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