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Month: May 2010

Updated Nursery!

Bryan’s mom sent us a box of goodies for the baby and for his room so we made additions to the nursery. Below I posted a picture showing the wall hanging, the comforter (hanging on the left side of the crib) a cloth growth chart to measure his height (hanging on the right side of the crib), and to the left of the actual crib is a bassinet that has been handed down and will now be used by a third generation. For the bassinet Bryan’s mom made a bumper and a skirt for the bottom that matches with the rest of the nursery decorations.

There are still many additions to add to the room (crib bumper, crib skirt, valence, etc.) so when we get the room put together I will take more pictures and post them. She also made many adorable burp rags, and cute John Deere and animal print receiving blankets! Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of them but they will be so cute for the little guy. When he finally decides to bless us with his arrival they will definitely be used.


Week 38!

I had my weekly doctor appointment this morning and everything looks great! I’m dilated 1 cm so it looks like the baby is not coming any time soon. I posted another picture of my ever expanding tummy and also some pictures of the cutest little toddler shoes Bryan and I recently bought. I feel so vain always posting pictures of myself so I thought I would add some variety!

38-weeks-(5) shoes shoes2

One Month To Go!!!

Today it’s exactly one month until my due date! Woo hoo! Friday we started our weekly doctors appointments where the doctor informed me that the baby is already head down. He’s ready to meet this world head on. Everything was looking good, his heart beat was strong, and I measured right on target. We are eager to meet this little guy . . . well, soon enough!


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