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Month: April 2010

Tons of Baby Stuff!

This weekend Bryan’s parents drove up to help us pick up the nursery furniture and put it in the room. The men started off by assembling my rocking chair/glider. After they got it all together I tried it out and it was very comfortable.  Then we were off to pick up the furniture. When we finally got home the assembly was a piece of cake. The only problem was the weight of the furniture. I think the dresser/changing table weighed close to 200 pounds. Both the crib and the dresser are now in the room and it’s beginning to look more like a nursery. Bryan’s mother is sewing all the bedding and some decorations for the room. So, once those are done I will put the finishing touches on the room and take more pictures.

babystuff1 babystuff2 babystuff3 babystuff4 babystuff5 babystuff6 babystuff10 babystuff7 babystuff8 babystuff9

7 Weeks To Go!

Today I am 33 weeks and 2 days along! Only 7 or so more weeks to go! Woo hoo! Last weekend, Bryan and I finished all our labor and delivery classes so I guess we are ready . . . or at least as ready as we will ever be. I had a prenatal appointment earlier today and everything was great! Below I posted pictures from last week and from today.

32 33

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