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Month: February 2010

On The Move!

Bryan and I received our first major piece of baby gear this afternoon courtesy of my family. (Thanks everyone; I obviously haven’t used it yet but I already love it!) As soon as the travel system (car seat and stroller) arrived we opened the box and got to work putting everything together. It didn’t take long to put together and figure out how everything works. It’s so cute and I can’t wait to use it.


24 Weeks!

Today I am officially 24 weeks along; according to my June 2nd due date. I was measured last week at the doctor and I was right on track. I took some pictures when I was 22 weeks along and some pictures this afternoon at 24 weeks. I posted them below for anyone who wants to see my progress. There isn’t much of a difference but I’m sure I will be getting much larger in the next few weeks.

preg1 preg2

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