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Month: January 2010

Come Fly With Me

After spending some time at Pike’s Place Market we were off the the Meseum of Flight. We were able to go inside an actual Air force One plane that has carried presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon, as well as VIPs such as Nikita Khrushchev and Henry Kissinger. It was amazing to walk through the old plane and see how those presidents rode in style. Then we were off to see the inside of 1 of 20 Concordes ever made. It was amazing to read the facts about the Concorde and it’s amazing speed. The we went inside and a very interesting museum employee showed us how the many Boeing planes came about. He gave us the history of many of the planes and told us interesting facts that weren’t found on the informations plaques. Bryan and Zephyr were particurarly interested in some “blackbird” plane that had a drone on top of it.

While Zephyr checked out the Amelia Earhart exhibits Bryan and I checked out the military planes.


Cooking Up A Feast; Then Dancing It Off

Zephyr requested lots of Mexican food while he was here, so I made chicken verde enchiladas the first night he was here. With the enchiladas we also had beans, salad, homemade flour tortillas, and homemade salsa and guacamole courtesy of Bryan. The guys were very kind and Zeph helped me assemble the enchiladas while Bryan made the salsa and guacamole.

After dinner we all played Dance Dance Revolution. I only played a few rounds but the guys burned up the dance floor for about an hour. It was funy to watch them compete becuase bryan holds up his pants as he dances, and if the arrows came too fast for Zeph he looked like a giant leprechaun doing the river dance.

food1 food2 DDR

Overflowing Falls

Our friend from Australia came to visit us for a week so our first adventure was to Granite Falls. Since it was winter the water was very high and the rocks were slippery so we had to stay off the rocks. We still managed to get a few good pictures and were able to show Zephyr the area.


It’s a . . . Baby!

We had our third ultrasound today and got to see our baby in a more human form. The new pictures we got are worlds above the bean picture we have been showing everyone. The baby was checked out from head to toe and everything looked wonderful. At the end of the ultrasound the technician double checked and confirmed that we are having a boy!

Baby Profile Baby Feet
Profile                  Tiny baby feet

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