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Month: July 2009

Fishy Fun

While I was at the Oregon coast we all went to the Aquarium in Newport. I didn’t take any pictures of the fish but there were plenty there to see.

fish1 fish2 fish3 fish4

The Big Catch!

The men went out to catch some crab one morning and came back with one keeper. After lunch they went back out with my aunt and caught two more! There was so much crab meat from their big catch that we had crab one night for dinner and then we had crab omelets twice for breakfast. Yummy!

fishing1 fishing2 fishing3 fishing4

Time With Family!

Bryan and I were fortunate enough to visit my family in Oregon for a second time this summer. This time my other aunt and uncle were visiting and we all had such a great time together. We had lots of fun playing games, catching up, and catching crabs. I posted some family pictures below.

family1 family3 family4

Let’s Chalk it Up to Fun!

Our niece came to visit us and so one sunny day we got some sidewalk chalk and decided to go to work in front of our house. We had lots of fun using our own space. Then, Mariah moved onto the driveway to create her amazing masterpiece, the “Turkey BBQ”.

chalk1 chalk2 chalk3

Rolling Cinnamon

On our last night in Oregon my cousin, Sydney, and I (mostly Sydney) made cinnamon rolls. I think we ended up staying awake until midnight waiting for the dough to rise so we could roll it out and shape the cinnamon rolls. We had lots of fun and our grandmother who is the best cook ever would be very proud.

cassia1 cassia3 cassia4

Tidepool Exploration!

One afternoon we decided to drive south to the Cape Perpetua State park to explore the tide pools. The tide wasn’t low but we were able to see many interesting things. Everyone found a hole where the water would rush in the side and explode out the top. Somehow I talked Bryan into going next to the hole so I could take a picture of him in front of the exploding water. I felt very bad when his back got soaked. Then as we looked around more I didn’t dodge a wave fast enough and most of my whole right leg got soaked. Other than being wet for most of the time we had a fun time!

hike1 hike-2 hike3 hike4 hike5 hike71 hike8 hike6 hike9

Let’s go Fly a Kite

It has almost become a tradition that we fly kites every time we go to the beach. So, this time was no different. First Bryan helped Mariah put her kite together. Then, after they got Mariah’s in the air Bryan flew his super high. We had lots of fun!

kite1 kite2 kite3 kite4

Introducing George Alfred III

For the 4th of July Bryan and I went to the Oregon coast with my family. We were also fortunate enough to spend time with my uncle, aunt, and cousin while we were there.

On our first outing we caught many crabs but only had one large enough to keep. Since we didn’t want to bother cooking just one crab we threw it back. The second day we went out we were accompanied by my uncle and cousin. We ended up only catching one again, but this time we brought it back to eat. When the crab got home we christened it with the name, George Alfred III. I can’t remember how we came up with that name but it seemed pretty regal for a bottom feeder. We cooked poor George on the BBQ and everyone enjoyed him with dinner.

dsc04563 crab2 crab7 crab3 crab6 crab4 crab5

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