Bryan, Christy, Ezekiel and Eden Anaya

Month: April 2009

Welcome Aboard the USS Midway!

One Afternoon Bryan, Michelle, and I toured the aircraft carrier the USS Midway. I have never been on an aircraft carrier before and it was HUGE! I always knew that the boats were large but it is so hard to comprehend until you actually walk around on one. We walked around the bottom of the boat and saw how the sailors lived their everyday life. Then, we walked around on the top deck and looked at all the different planes and helicopters they had. We were able to go inside a couple of the helicopters and it was insane how many buttons are inside the cockpit. Michelle and I got a rundown of all the different helicopters that were flying by. Thanks to Bryan we will always be able to tell the difference between and Chinook and a Seahawk.

midway1  midway3 midway4 midway5 midway6 midway7 midway8 midway9  
 midway11 midway12 midway13 midway14 midway151  midway161

A Sunny Day at Coronado!

Michelle took us to Coronado one afternoon. We walked down the beach and saw many military guys running down the beach. We walked through the Hotel Del where we learned that the Hotel Del opened in 1888. The hotel was in very good condition for being so old. We saw old menus from when it first opened and learned that the military often took over parts of hotels and resorts during the war. Fortunately, for the Hotel Del, they were able to keep half the hotel open and still rent to customers. 

coronado1 coronado2 coronado3

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