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Month: August 2008

Running with the Salmon!

Some friends from California came to visit us last week and we had an awesome time visiting and showing them around Seattle.  

On Tuesday, we were blessed with beautiful weather; so, we went to the locks in Ballard. We actually got to see the locks in action! Some boats were moving from Lake Union to the Puget Sound and it was interesting to watch the process. We also saw some of the ships from the show “Deadliest Catch”. Since it was salmon season we were able to see the salmon in the fish ladder on their way to the spawning grounds. I was trying to figure out how to snag a salmon for dinner without anyone noticing, but decided just to wait and buy some fish at Pike’s.

Of course we had to take them to the famous Pike’s Place Market. We visited the first Starbucks; however, our friends aren’t too keen on over roasted coffee so I’m not sure that they were very impressed. At the market we bought raspberries, blueberries, peaches, and enough salmon to feed an army. Tamira and I made the Salmon for dinner with some risotto and salad. Then, I used the berries to make a mixed berry crisp that I served with Tillamook Vanilla bean ice cream.


ballard1.jpg ballard2.jpg  ballard3.jpg


Deception Pass Hike!

Deception Pass State park is one of my favorite places in Washington. Bryan and I took my parents and my niece hiking there last Friday and we saw such a beautiful part of God’s creation. We hiked for a few hours then made our way home via Whidbey Island and a ferry ride.

dcptpass3.gif dcptpass1.gif dcptpass4.gif dcptpass2.gif

Second Journey to the Lake!

On Thursday afternoon we had some extra time before Bryan and my father were going to be done with work so the girls decided to take a short walk to the lake. On the way we saw close to 30 garter snakes along the side of the path. It was cloudy during our whole walk but luckily we made it home before it started to rain.

cassidylake2.jpg casidylake1.jpg cassidylake3.jpg

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