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Children’s Museum!

Last Tuesday morning Mariah and I drove down to Bellevue with Bryan, and Mariah and I spent the afternoon at the Children’s Museum. I was worried that there wasn’t going to be enough for her to do there but we spent 3 hours playing instruments, playing with various water systems, and climbing through the tree house. She told me she had a fun time but I overheard her talking to her mom and all she said about the museum was that she got really wet. (Thanks to the fun we had building water/pipe structures.)

childmeseum1.jpg childmeseum2.jpg childmeseum5.jpg childmeseum3.jpg

Dancing Machines!

For those of you who have yet to see Bryan’s silly side, know that there is one. The other night he and Mariah had a fun time dancing in the kitchen. I was lucky enough to get a couple of cute pictures of them and I posted them below!

dancing.jpg dancing2.jpg

Pizza Night!

Our niece, Mariah, has been here for three weeks now and I thought it would be fun to have pizza for dinner. So, she and I had a fun time making the pizza from scratch. I probably over supervised, but I wanted to make sure the pizza was edible. The end product wasn’t the best pizza we have ever had, but it was definitely good.

pizza1.jpg pizza2.jpg pizza3.jpg

Berry Fun Morning!

This morning Mariah and I went to a local farm to pick some berries. They had Strawberries, raspberries, and tayberries and we picked a few of each. This afternoon I’m going to make an angel food cake to enjoy with the berries! YUM!

berry1.jpg berry2.jpg berry3.jpg

It’s a Jungle out There!

Yesterday Bryan, Mariah, and I went to the zoo in Seattle. We had tons of fun, and were able to view all the exhibits. They had many unique animals that we had never seen as well as the traditional animals. They had one area with a bunch of farm animals in it. Bryan and I weren’t too interested in the animals there since we grew up in a farming community, but I think Mariah enjoyed petting a goat.  Below I posted a few of the great pictures Bryan took.

zoo2.jpg zoo1.jpg zoo3.jpg zoo4.jpg zoo6.jpg zoo7.jpg zoo8.jpg

Lunch at Lake Cassidy

Today Mariah and I walked to Lake Cassidy to have a picnic lunch. Once we got to the lake we ate lunch on the dock and watched the birds and dragonflies.  We have been having beautiful weather all month so it was a perfect day for a picnic.

lakecassidy7.jpg lakecassidy6.jpg lakecassidy2.jpg lakecassidy3.jpg lakecassidy1.jpg

Fun and Science in Seattle

Mariah, our niece, is visiting us for a few weeks so on Friday I took her to the Seattle Center and Pacific Science Center. The Science Center was huge and very impressive. They had many exhibits to look through so we spent several hours there. They had an exotic butterfly exhibit and Mariah and I agreed that it was our favorite! At the Science center they had an IMAX theatre so we also went and watched Kung Fu Panda. We had so much fun!!!

sciencecenter.jpg sciencecenter2.jpg sciencecenter3.jpg sciencecenter4.jpg
sciencecenter5.jpg sciencecenter6.jpg

Nothing but Net!

On the 4th Bryan, my father, my brother, and I went crab fishing in the bay. We rented a boat and nets for three hours and we caught a whole whopping one crab! Pretty exciting for our first time fishing. The most excitement we had was when my dad threw the crab net too close to the boat and it got stuck in the boat prop. The only crab we caught didn’t yield much meat but we sure had fun catching it.

crabfishing10.jpg  crabfishing8.jpg  crabfishing6.jpg  crabfishing5.jpg 

“Chowda” our Minds

The day after we went crabbing we decided to try our luck at clamming. My dad and Bryan were much more successful in the clamming department. They dug up one small clam and 6 large clams. We had so much clam meat that I ended up making some clam chowder for dinner!

clamming1.jpg  clamming4.jpg  clamming5.jpg

clamming2.jpg  clamming3.jpg  clamming6.jpg

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