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Month: April 2008

Lovin’ Life in Cancun!

Bryan and I recently (we got back this morning at 1:00 AM) visited Cancun Mexico with some friends. We had such an amazing time visiting Mayan ruins, relaxing on the beach, taking zip line tours, snorkeling, and sailing.

I will post the pictures from each day separately since we took over 200 pictures. The pictures below were taken from our hotel balcony. It is a view of the lagoon and the ocean.

cancun_4.jpg cancun_2.jpg cancun_1.jpg cancun_3.jpg

Worth 1000 Words

We had some amazing weather today after a rainy morning so I was able to capture the picture below. I keep trying to tell everyone how beautiful it is where Bryan and I live but you just have to see it to believe it. The picture doesn’t do the actual site any justice but it’s just to give you an idea. The houses in the foreground are part of Marysville. Our house is on the top of that hill, but can’t be seen from where I took the picture. Any of you who haven’t been here will just have to come and see for yourselves.


Spring Flowers

Last fall Bryan and I diligently planted around 200 bulbs around our house. Never having planted bulbs I think we did a pretty good job because they actually bloomed. Below are some of the flowers that have already started blooming.
*Perr look closely at the last picture, notice anything wrong with the tulip leaves in the front?

flowers4.png flowers1.png flowers2.png flowers3.png

Garden Duty

A few weekends ago Bryan’s parents were kind enough to come and visit us and help do some much needed “landscaping”. We woke up early on Saturday morning and ripped out 80% of the plants in the front yard and moved them to the back yard. Then we replanted “plants” for a foundation garden in front of our porch. I’m using the term plants very loosely here because some of them looked like roots and they in no way resembled any plant I have ever seen. With some time, hopefully they will grow and add much needed color to the front of the house. I forgot to take a before picture, but the after picture looks like we planted mini plants so there isn’t much to compare. However, I did notice this morning that one of the smaller plants had purple flowers on it.  I’m surprised because the weekend after we planted them it snowed for four days. I was afraid they were all going to die but they pulled through. I’ll post more pictures next year when the plants are a little larger. Thanks again for all the hard work and sweat.
gardening1.png gardening3.png gardening2.png gardening4.png

Birthday Bowling!

Last Thursday evening, Bryan took me to an amazing restaurant for a belated birthday dinner. After dinner we met up with some friends and went bowling. I was pretty surprised when I didn’t come in last place in either of the games we played. All of us playing got several strikes and spares . . . some more than others; (Andy, we should have given you a 50 lb. ball to make it fair) but we had a fun time!


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