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Month: February 2008

Oh Canada!

Bryan and I went to Vancouver Island last weekend for a quick trip. The highlight of our trip was definitely Butchart Gardens. They didn’t have many flowers, since it is the middle of winter, but the gardens were still so beautiful. We took about 200 pictures at the garden alone. We are planning on going back during spring when all the flowers are in bloom.

The hotel we stayed in was a different story. From what we saw on the web site and the reviews we read, it sounded like a really nice hotel. When we got there the outside looked very nice, and the lobby looked nice, but our actual room was a different story. The hotel was so old that Abraham Lincoln could have possibly stayed in it. The main problem was that the heater didn’t work. We asked the staff to fix it early in the afternoon so that it would be warm by the time we went to sleep. When we got back it was still freezing. So, just before dinner we inquired about the heater again. They offered us a space heater with no sympathy. Since it was our only option at the moment we agreed but Bryan couldn’t seem to get it to turn before we had to leave for dinner. So, when we got back from a delicious dinner (about 10:00 PM) he tried to turn on the space heater again. When he finally got it to work it shorted the circuit and we were left without power. By this time we were so tired that we just froze.

We also enjoyed walking along the coast and walking through downtown Victoria. Even though we had some misadventures we had lots of fun and we will definitely look back on our trip and have a couple of good laughs. We also learned A LOT about Canada so if you are ever planning a trip there call us and we will give you a few pointers of what to do and what not to do.


Ferry Ride

mountains.jpg   lighthouse.jpg   bird.jpg   flag1.jpg  

Butchart Gardens

butchart2.jpg   butchart7.jpg   butchart8.jpg  butchart4.jpg    butchart3.jpg   butchart5.jpg   butchart6.jpg

Hotel And Coast

hotel.jpg   coast.jpg

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Below I posted pictures of a few cards I made. I didn’t have enough time to make one for everyone so I didn’t send them out. The last two pictures are of one I made for my niece; the first picture is of the outside and the second picture is of the inside. Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love!

card-1.jpg     card-2.jpg     card-3.jpg     card-4.jpg

Sound View!

On Sunday when Bryan and I were driving home from the store we stopped to take some pictures of the sound. The picture below is comprised of 3 different pictures I took. My pictures aren’t the best, but you get the idea of how beautiful it is.


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