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Month: January 2008

Snow again!

For all of you that are wondering . . . no this much snow isn’t normal. For some reason we were just blessed with a lot of snow this winter season.  I keep trying to tell everyone that it doesn’t get really cold where we live; but the snowfall every other week really isn’t helping my case. Fortunately, Bryan was able to work from home on Monday when it snowed and we were able to take a short walk during one of his “breaks” and get some beautiful pictures. Most of the pictures were taken on our “property”. Our neighborhood owns some land across the street from mine and Bryan’s house so we decided to explore the snowy trail. But seriously . . . it doesn’t normally snow this much here.

 snow-1.jpg     snow-2.jpg     snow-5.jpg    
snow-6.jpg     snow-3.jpg

Happy New Year!

Bryan and I were able to spend several days during new years with my family in Oregon. We had such an amazing time together and created memories that we will never forget.

One day we visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium and had lunch overlooking the Newport Bay. The three stooges, (Bryan, my father, and my brother) all bought yellow rain suits because we were planning on going crabbing and claming no matter what the weather was like. So, on Monday morning we headed out during low tide to catch some clams. Unfortunately the tide wasn’t out far enough so we spent a couple of hours walking around the beach in yellow suits looking like complete fools. Good thing we had alternative plans for dinner that night. So, in the afternoon we decided it would be good to try crabbing we called the dock to see how good the fishing had been the past few days. We were sad to be informed that because of the storm all the crabs had been pushed back out to sea and people fishing in the bay were only catching 1 to 2 crabs per trip. Bummer! So much for crab cakes. Or even the crab butter that the Mathias insisted was delicious. However, we still had tons of fun and it was funny to see the guys walking around in their yellow rain suits.

We were also able to fly kites a couple of days. Bryan was a way better kite flyer that I but I eventually got the hang of it. I never knew kite flying could be so much fun!

We had such a blast that we can’t wait to go back in March with the whole family. We are looking forward to it.


birds.jpg     newport-bay.jpg     three-stooges.jpg     bryan-kite-2.jpg     bryan-kite.jpg

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