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Camping At Garner State Park!

So, I don’t particularly like camping. Why go sleep on the ground when you can sleep in a bed? Bryan has never been camping and he has no desire to EVER go camping. So, Tawni made it her mission to make sure my children get at least 1 camping experience  in their lifetime!

Our first day was mostly a travel day. We packed up the car then had lunch with Bryan before we drove over to Garner State Park. Once we got there we all pitched in (some more than others) and set up camp! I felt like I was in an alternate universe when Tawni made dinner! No one ever cooks for me so it was a real treat!!!  We were there as her guests and she treated us like royalty!

The next day we charted out our hiking course and chose a “moderate” hike. I decided to wear my weight vest even thought Tawni thought it looked like a bomb vest! Turns out we started on a moderate hike and ended up on a “hard” hike on our way down.

We found a few caves along the way but Tawni and the kids didn’t venture too far into the caves since most of them were inhabited by spiders!

After our hike we had lunch and cooled down in the Rio Frio! For it being over 90 the water was VERY Frio!


Until Next Time!

Goodbyes are always SO hard! They are even harder when you’re saying goodbye and have no idea when you will be visiting again! Bryan said we will try and come to Australia every 2 years. So far, our track record is every 4 years.

I’m laughing because as I was finishing up the last of our Australia posts I received an email advertising flights from Texas to Australia for $700+! This is the lowest I’ve EVER seen! Maybe it will be in the cards for us to go sooner than 12 months. Only time will tell. The tickets haven’t been booked but I’m pretty determined!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Saturday was my birthday so of course we started the morning off at the beach!

Then we had a fantastic lunch with some friends and finished off the day with with pavlova and sparklers! The only thing that would have made the day bettie was if all my family and friends were there to enjoy the day with me! But . . . I have to admit that the days was as near perfect and I could expect!


Ferry To Sydney CBD!

Our last Friday in Australia we decided to take a ferry to the CBD (downtown). NO mater how many times I’ve been to Sydney and been on the waterfront it NEVER gets old! It’s definitely in the top 3 of my most favorite cities in the world!

While we were waiting for the ferry to arrive we played at the park. Unfortunately, the ticket machine at the dock wasn’t working and the fines are STEEP for riding without a ticket. Fortunately, one of the boat captains let us ride for free!

Once we got to the CBD we had coffee and a little snack with a view. I could have sat there forever watched the boats go in and out. Of course we took some photos with the beautiful Sydney harbor bridge in the background!


We tried to go swimming or snorkeling every day we were in Sydney. Some days the weather wasn’t cooperating. Zeph and I went out to check the conditions at all our favorite spots. We decided to send videos back to everyone at the house with the conditions from all the beaches.

Bondi Beach


Sydney Fish Market

We spent the morning looking around the Sydney Fish market for the perfect catch! Excuse the silly puns . . . I’m still suffering from jet lag so that’s as good as it gets!

We settled on some beautiful NZ snapper and the children enjoyed watching the fishmonger fillet our fish!

As you can see form the picture dinner was pretty amazing! Zeph and I worked together to make fish en papillote with rosemary potato confit!

Anayas in Australia . . . round 3!

Bondi Beach is beautiful even on a cloudy day right before a storm! Can’t beat having the beach to ourselves!

Waldport Crabbing

On the way home from our big Eureka adventure we met up with my parents and aunt and uncle in Waldport! I'm not sure how I managed to have only a few pictures from the time we were there. Here are the ones I have of Bryan and Ezekiel crabbing. All the men went out and they caught so many crabs that they had fresh crab one night then I made a ton of crab cakes the next day!

crabbing fun! crab2

More Pictures From Eureka!

We had so much fun and did so many things while we were in Eureka! Unfortunately the most hilarious trip (to Hazel's) wasn't documented with photos. However, we will forever remember that crazy trip! Here are some of the precious moments we were able to capture! 🙂

FC16 FC18 FC19 FC20

Fantastic Fern Canyon!

Fern Canyon is one of my favorite places to visit in northern California! We had perfect weather the day we took a walk through Fern Canyon. At the end of the trail I was being . . . typical me and Ezekiel took my lead and started picking leaves off the trail and eating them! I'm so glad that he takes after Bryan; there is still hope for him.

FC4 FC5 FC3 FC2 FC6 FC7 FC8 FC9 FC10 FC11 FC12 FC13 FC14 FC15 FC1

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