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Until Next Time!

Goodbyes are always SO hard! They are even harder when you’re saying goodbye and have no idea when you will be visiting again! Bryan said we will try and come to Australia every 2 years. So far, our track record is every 4 years.

I’m laughing because as I was finishing up the last of our Australia posts I received an email advertising flights from Texas to Australia for $700+! This is the lowest I’ve EVER seen! Maybe it will be in the cards for us to go sooner than 12 months. Only time will tell. The tickets haven’t been booked but I’m pretty determined!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Saturday was my birthday so of course we started the morning off at the beach!

Then we had a fantastic lunch with some friends and finished off the day with with pavlova and sparklers! The only thing that would have made the day bettie was if all my family and friends were there to enjoy the day with me! But . . . I have to admit that the days was as near perfect and I could expect!


Ferry To Sydney CBD!

Our last Friday in Australia we decided to take a ferry to the CBD (downtown). NO mater how many times I’ve been to Sydney and been on the waterfront it NEVER gets old! It’s definitely in the top 3 of my most favorite cities in the world!

While we were waiting for the ferry to arrive we played at the park. Unfortunately, the ticket machine at the dock wasn’t working and the fines are STEEP for riding without a ticket. Fortunately, one of the boat captains let us ride for free!

Once we got to the CBD we had coffee and a little snack with a view. I could have sat there forever watched the boats go in and out. Of course we took some photos with the beautiful Sydney harbor bridge in the background!


We tried to go swimming or snorkeling every day we were in Sydney. Some days the weather wasn’t cooperating. Zeph and I went out to check the conditions at all our favorite spots. We decided to send videos back to everyone at the house with the conditions from all the beaches.

Bondi Beach


These Are My People!

Wherever we are, as long as were together, we’re having fun!
I still haven’t decided who Eden takes after. 😉

Yummy, Yummy Yum Cha!

What is it about Yum Cha that makes you want to eat SO much while you’re there? Is it the small little dumplings that deceive you??? I’m not sure but we ate at the best yum cha place in Sydney and it was SO yummy and SO filling! Ezekiel isn’t about the yum cha life so he was perfectly happy grubbing on his plate of noodles!

After lunch we roamed the powerhouse museum. There were several floors filled with awesome exhibits! I was excited to see the information about the periodic table since we just finished studying elements before we left for Australia. They also had a huge space exhibit that was pretty neat. None of us enjoyed the zero gravity exhibit; it’s making me sick just thinking about it. However, we learned a tone of other cool information aside form the vomit inducing zero gravity exhibit. Did you know that astronauts have to workout at least 2 hours a day just to maintain the muscles in their body while they are in space? That’s wild!


When In Bondi . . .

Do What the Australian’s do. GO TO THE BEACH!!! We spent a fair amount of time at the beach when we were in Australia but I hardly ever took my camera with me. We would take the 5 minute walk down to the beach and go for a swim almost every day while we were there. It was Paradise! FYI, swimmers must stay within the flags. The lifeguards know the conditions and they put the flags on the beach every morning where there are the safest swimming conditions. Then the surfers were to surf on the outside of the flags!


The Kind Of Friend I Want to Be!

When we got to Sydney Leanne had made us a delicious dinner plus an amazing flourless chocolate cake for dessert. Last time we were in Australia we didn’t know that I’m allergic to almonds so, not knowing Leanne made the cake with almond meal. She felt so bad that I couldn’t eat the cake that while we were in Kangaroo Valley she made a new cake with hazelnut meal so that I could eat it! If that isn’t an amazing friend I don’t know what is! That’s the kind of friend I hope to be to others!
By the way; the cake was amazing!

On The Way Back To Sydney. . .

Of course we stopped for coffee and food! I LOVE the coffee there but there just isn’t enough of it! I always ordered a piccolo which is espresso with a bit of milk in it. So, less than a latte but more than just a shot of espresso. I did find an interesting observation though. When I was in Australia I took the time to sit and enjoy my coffee. I wasn’t rushed to get to schooling, or rushing out the door to an appointment. I just sat there and enjoyed my coffee and company. Why is it that we get into our routines and we rush through the good things in life??? These past few weeks I’ve tried to slow down and really enjoy the goodness in life instead of rushing from one thing to the next. I’ll let you know how that’s going in a few months.
We visited a TINY French bakery. They were very busy so Eden and I stood outside and drooled over the amazing pastries in the window. It is VERY uncommon to find doughnuts in Australia. Eden sure enjoyed the pink one we found at the bakery!


A Visit With Old Friends!

On Saturday David and Isobel came for lunch and a visit! We have known them for over 10 years! They first met our children when Ezekiel was 4 and Eden was 2! 4 years is too long to go without seeing friends so we’re committed to traveling to Australia every 2 years now. Doesn’t sound like too hard of a commitment to keep right?
Anyways, We had the most fantastic lunch and the best time visiting! David is a genius and we spent quite a bit of time discussing elements, bonding and orbitals. David promised to Skype with Ezekiel when he has a question too tough for mommy . . . that may be next year with my super inquisitive son!
Isobel is always such a JOY to be around! She borough the most amazing home made ice cream! It was such a treat! She thought about the kids as well and brought them both chocolate bunnies!
Australia not only has the best coffee but their food is amazing too! I don’t know  if it’s the biodynamic farming, the lack of chemicals they use in farming or what but the quality of the food there was far beyond what we have here.

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