Of course we stopped for coffee and food! I LOVE the coffee there but there just isn’t enough of it! I always ordered a piccolo which is espresso with a bit of milk in it. So, less than a latte but more than just a shot of espresso. I did find an interesting observation though. When I was in Australia I took the time to sit and enjoy my coffee. I wasn’t rushed to get to schooling, or rushing out the door to an appointment. I just sat there and enjoyed my coffee and company. Why is it that we get into our routines and we rush through the good things in life??? These past few weeks I’ve tried to slow down and really enjoy the goodness in life instead of rushing from one thing to the next. I’ll let you know how that’s going in a few months.
We visited a TINY French bakery. They were very busy so Eden and I stood outside and drooled over the amazing pastries in the window. It is VERY uncommon to find doughnuts in Australia. Eden sure enjoyed the pink one we found at the bakery!